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our team: 2022-23

frequently asked questions.

q: how do I join?

a: come to one of our meetings, introduce yourself, and join a project! we will make sure to get your email and add you to our list so you can hear about future events. 

q: what is the time commitment?

a: there are varying levels of participation. our general meetings including speaker events are open to anyone who wants to come, but we also hope that core members are frequent attendees. membership in a committee or project is a greater time commitment, but you should also get a lot out of it.

q: what are meetings like?

a: we have a lot of different events, so every week is exciting. over the course of one quarter, you can expect to see speaker events, open discussions, post card writing nights, and social events like playing trivia or watching a movie. all these events typically have food or snacks of some kind, which will be advertised in advance.

q: are there any events outside of general meetings?

a: yes! for the 2023-24 academic year, we plan on taking off-campus field trips to pursue volunteer work as a club. 

q: how are the dems 
different from other political clubs on campus?

a: lots of things! stanford dems does both education and activism. this means that we have speaker events that are open to everyone and could be of interest to the general public outside of the context of a political party, but we also take stances on issues that are important to us and advocate for those issues explicitly. there are lots of clubs that do either of those things, but not very many who do both. unlike other activist or political clubs, we are partisan, which allows us to take strong stances on issues, campaign for candidates, and make endorsements. 

we also seek to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere. we are not a preprofessional club. we think our members learn valuable skills through their participation, but we hope to create a space that people want to be in rather than a chore to add to the resume.

q: why should I 
join the dems?

a: because you'll get to mobilize for progressive change in a fun environment and meet cool people while doing so.

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